Meet our Herd!

In our herd we have a horse, two ponies, and even a mule! Bell is our full-sized (15 hands) American Paint/Quarter Horse. She used to work on a cattle ranch but now loves to give rides to both children and adults. Zoro is our Shetland pony (9 hands) and Daisy is our Mini American Paint (10 hands). Zoro loves to give children rides, and he is trained to pull a cart. Daisy is also trained to give rides and pull a cart; however, because of health issues, she is now retired. Instead of pulling a cart, now Daisy loves to get treats and pets from the children. Madeline is our mule; a cross between a horse and a donkey. Madeline is a cross between a Morgan Horse and a Donkey. She is roughly 16 hands and currently underweight. We are working on getting her back up to a healthy weight before using her for pony rides.

Fun Fact: Horses have 205 bones in their body!