Meat Birds/Broilers

$3.50/lb Bronze Breasted Turkey $3.50/lb Meat Birds/Broilers

We raise Red Ranger Chickens as pasture-raised meat birds/broilers. They start as chicks in our lower barn, and once they are fully feathered, they move outside. As chicks, they are fed a medicated feed to ensure their health.

We aim to process our broilers when they are around 6 lbs. This summer, we raised 60 broilers/meat chickens, and they were processed in August and September.

Here at River Hills Farm, the farm staff lovingly care for all of our animals and are devoted to ensuring their health and happiness. We strive to provide the best standard of poultry to our customers.

If you are interested in ordering any of our products, please contact us. We will send you an order form that once filled out, can be mailed back to us with your deposit.


Do you breed all of your chickens and turkeys?

We order our broilers (meat chickens) and our turkeys from the Arnott Feed Mill. We order our laying hens, ducks, and geese from Murray McMurray hatchery. The chicks arrive when they are 1 or 2 days old, and we raise them from that point on.

Are your animals free-range?

Yes! All of our animals are either free-range or pasture-raised. Every animal has constant outside access and fresh grass, plants, and water. Our laying hens and turkeys are free-range, and our broilers and pigs are pasture-raised.

Do you medicate or vaccinate any of your birds?

The laying hen, broiler, and turkey starter feeds (what they eat while maturing) are medicated. After they mature, they do not receive any further medicated feed and are not given any additional medication.