Red Wattle Hogs

$4.00/lb Red Wattle Hogs

Our female breeding sow is a purebred Red Wattle Hog. We raise her offspring for future pork chops and bacon. They are pasture-raised, which means most of their diet is pasture grass and plants.

We process the hogs around 250 Ibs.

Here at River Hills Farm, the farm staff members lovingly care for all of our animals and are devoted to ensuring their health and happiness. We strive to provide the best standard of meat to our customers.

If you are interested in ordering any of our products, please contact us. We will send you an order form that once filled out, can be mailed back to us with your deposit.


Are your pigs grain-fed or grass-fed?

Our Red Wattle Hogs are pasture-raised. This means that their primary food source comes from pasture grass and plants; however, they do receive additional corn grain to ensure their weight gain.

Do you breed all of your own pigs?

We breed our own Red Wattle Hogs through a local Red Wattle Breeder.

Are your pigs pasture raised?

Yes! The pigs are pasture-raised. Our pig pen is a 2-acre half grass and half wooded area. There is also a shelter with plenty of room for all of the pigs to stay warm and dry. The pigs are never lock in their shelter, and they have constant access to fresh grass, plants, and water.

Do you medicate or vaccinate your pigs?

To ensure their health, the pigs are dewormed with diatomaceous earth which is a natural dewormer. In necessary, a pig may be given an antibiotic on rare occasions.