Goose Egg

$3.00/dozen Chicken Eggs $4.00/dozen Duck Eggs $1.00 Goose Egg

Limited supply during summer months!

Our goose, Margarette, lays between 20-50 eggs each summer! Did you know that goose eggs are twice the size of duck eggs? If you are interested in trying a goose egg, ask about our supply. We only have them during the summer months and there is always a very limited supply. Goose eggs are $1.00 per egg.


What does your egg washing process look like?

We collect the eggs daily and bring them down to the lower barn. Fresh eggs can sit out for about two weeks before they need to be refrigerated. This is possible because a fresh egg has a thin layer of film that closes any pores of the eggshell. Once this is washed away, the eggs must be refrigerated. Once a week, we take the eggs that have been collected and wash them by using warm, running water. Each egg is cleaned and inspected. Any cracked eggs are taken out. The eggs are then packaged in egg cartons and labeled with the wash date and the sell-by date.

Do you medicate or vaccinate any of your birds?

The laying hen, broiler, and turkey starter feeds are medicated. After the bird mature, they do not receive any further medicated feed, or any additional medication.

Are your birds free-range?

Yes! All of our animals are either free-range or pasture-raised. Every animal has constant outside access and fresh grass, plants, and water. Our laying hens and turkeys are free-range, and our broilers are pasture-raised.

Do you breed all of your own birds?

We order our broilers (meat chickens) and our turkeys from the Arnott Feed Mill. We order our laying hens, ducks, and geese from Murray McMurray hatchery.